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Our Santa Fe Style Home

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

We recently moved to New Mexico into a Santa Fe style home, a style that’s common in New Mexico and Arizona. Think Rustic/Spanish/Southwestern styles. Very unique & gorgeous, but it’s been tricky figuring out how to decorate it. (Thank you military for an excuse to redecorate every few years). Here are a few areas of our home that I love and some initial decor and future ideas for decorating this home:


I love the unique ceiling and cool built in areas in this house. I don’t love having shoes & coats out in main areas for everyone to see, but that’s just reality for us with 3 kids. Not the most aesthetically pleasing space, but it’s very functional, I got the shoe bench/coat rack combo on Amazon and really like it. Adding plants has been great for brightening certain areas. Peek the cute little baby pictures on the side of the rack. Shout out Smallwood Home for these cute round wood prints!

Living room

I love having a fireplace! It makes the house feel so homey. I’m a little unsure of the fireplace mantle, I like the candlesticks & mirror but not sure if it’s too modern for this home.

Right now we have this grey sectional. It‘s older and doesn’t fit in this space well. It’s also too farmhouse modern vs rustic/southwestern. Will be making updates to the living room & hopefully get a new couch set.

I like how the “Southwestern” style rug brightens up all the wood. Again, shout out to Smallwood for the large family photo prints. They are printed on a wood/canvas material, are super light weight and great quality.

I’m obsessed with this wicker shelf I found on a yard sale page in Tampa. So fun and trendy. I’m working on styling it better though, would love to find some gold/ornate frames for the pictures. Thank goodness for thrift stores and vintage shops!


I love having a bar space and love how big the actual kitchen is, you could have 4 people in here cooking at a time! While I love all the wood in our home I am not in love with these cabinets. I am thinking someday we may paint them, maybe a light olive color but this is a tricky house to blend with so I’m going to take my time deciding. I have loved these stools I got in Tampa but unfortunately they are too short for this bar top and I’m not sure if they match the style. I am thinking some brown leather type bar stools could look nice here, will definitely be replacing at some point.

Dining Area

The dining table is another great yardsale page find. I was happy that it fit this house so well! I painted these chairs green on a whim during inital Covid quarantine boredom (how many people did random projects at this time?!). I love the fun green color but I think at some point will replace them for a different style chair. I have done nothing to the back wall yet and am going to take my time decorating it. I would love to do a funky gallery wall, I got the inspiration pictures above from Pinterest and love all the colors and unique items. Thrift stores here I come!

This is our home so far, would love to hear what you think & if you have any suggestions or designing tips! Will definitely be making further posts featuring the girls rooms, our master and updates to these areas.

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