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About me…

WELCOME! My name is Leila Gillette

I so appreciate you stopping by! I am a military spouse of 10 years, have been through 3 PCS’s (moves, for any of my non-military friends here) and several deployments. I am also a mental health nurse and a mom of 3 darling girls. Now while I am NO expert at surviving this crazy military world many of us live in, I do feel like these 10 years have given me lots of insight into being a military spouse. 

One thing that always stood out to me was the isolation, loneliness and loss of independence that can occur as a spouse. So much of our lives revolve around being a military spouse and supporting our partners but I know I am not the only one who has taken a step back and said okay but I am MORE than a military spouse right? I have struggled with maintaining my own identity as a spouse and found so many different outlets, support systems & people along the way that helped me maintain my independence and my own identity. I would love to help others do the same as well as offer some tips and tricks on not only surviving military life, but thriving in it. I hope to help others connect through this platform and create a community of spouses supporting and encouraging others. I also love to share all things related to house decorating, fashion, and lifestyle so even if you aren’t military I hope you stick around! 


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