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Tips for making every home a “home”

Moving around a lot comes with plenty of hardships. Many of which I have highlighted in previous blog posts. And while decorating a new home isn't necessarily one of the most difficult of those hardships it is something that's always come up eventually with each new home we've moved into. I wanted to highlight some things that I've come to realize are helpful with frequent moves/new homes and tips for making your home feel like "home" no matter how temporary!

  • Try to buy furniture that will fit in any type of space (for example: we bought a sectional that was a specific shape & once we moved into our new house realized it wouldn't fit in our current living room). Having to buy new furniture for each new home can get pricey! I recommend finding items that are a little more universal and maybe not like super large making it hard to fit in every new space.

  • Don't necessarily stick to one style when buying furniture/decorations. Again, learn from my mistakes. I had previously filled my home with 80% "farmhouse" style decor. Welp- then we move to New Mexico into a Santa Fe style home and I realized none of this matched the home style at all. I started now buying items that are a little more versatile in style and could potentially fit in any "style" of home.

  • Thrift stores!! I won't harp on this too much as I've talked a lot about thrift shopping but it can be such a great way to style your home and re-decorate when you move on a budget. See my blog post about thrifting for more tips!

  • Pictures everywhere! Okay- you don't have to put them EVERYWHERE. But I love having family photos spread about our home. First, it's a great way to decorate your home and can be versatile in any home style. I also love having photos of other family/friends since we often live so far apart from people we love it can be a great way to feel a little closer.

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