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Thrifting Tips!

While I will not claim to be a pro at thrifting as it is still somewhat new to me, I have been going to thrift stores more and more recently and thought it would be fun to share some thrift shopping tips for others new to thrifting. Obviously no one needs “tips” to go to the thrift store, like any other store you can just go and shop. But thrifting can be a bit of a unique way of shopping and if you’re new to it knowing a few things going in can be helpful!

I started thrifting in high school purely for fun with a friend who was obsessed with all the oddities and wild things you could find in a thrift store. I always enjoyed seeing all the interesting pieces that you would never be able to find at your typical department store.

Since then I have thrifted on and off for mostly childrens clothing, shoes and home decor here and there. Since moving into our new home and needing to redecorate I started thrifting more frequently for home decor. Most recently I completed the gallery wall in our dining space with mostly thrifted items!

Through this process and with thrifting more, I definitely found a few things that were helpful to keep in mind. So here are a few of those things that hopefully help someone else interested in thrifting!

Go with a purpose/items you need in mind

Don’t get me wrong you can totally go to the thrift store with no game plan and find some cool things. But most thrift stores have a LOT, and can be a little overwhelming. I usually go when I am in search or need of something specific (i.e. kids summer clothes, decor for the gallery wall, lamps, etc.). This can help you focus your search through the chaos that can be shelves of thrift stores, and hopefully help you find items that you are really needing/wanting.

When on the hunt for specific items, go as often as you can!

Thrift stores are awesome because items are CONSTANTLY changing. They are getting donations daily and putting out those new pieces every day. When I was searching for gallery wall decor I tried to go at least every week if not every few days to look through items. The wall decor/paintings section always had new stuff and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing some awesome pieces.

Google/ask locals for advice on best thrift stores

Not all thrift stores are created equal. I have found some have way better clothing selections, some have more furniture pieces and decor. When I move I typically ask the local military spouse pages for thrift store recommendations as well as just google and look at reviews. I try to visit several thrift stores and typically will narrow down my top 2-3 stores that I go to regularly depending on what I am looking for.

“Like” the thrift store pages Facebook page

One thing I have seen happen more and more is thrift stores having a Facebook page where they post new items or items that they know may be really sought after. I have also seen them post items on Facebook marketplace. This can be a great way to get a heads up on item you may be looking for or get first dibs on some really cool pieces!

Don’t be afraid/nervous/guilty about thrifting

When I first started going to thrift stores I felt nervous about going as again they can be a little overwhelming (hopefully these tips help reduce nerves!). I also felt a little weird and guilty at times becuase I wasn’t necessarily “needing” to thrift or purchase used/low price items. However, with 3 kiddos being able to thrift kids clothing has been a huge help in reducing spending on clothing they they may wear for a year or 2. I also realized that there is plenty of used goods to go around! I think it’s great for everyone to buy less new and buy more used to reduce waste, and it can definitely help finances. Plus you can take your no longer used/needed items to the thrift stores and give back. If I ever buy clothing or shoes that don’t quite fit when I get home I always take them right back to the thrift store, you are probably only losing a few bucks and hopefully someone else can use what you couldn’t.

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