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Budget Friendly Porch Update

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

When we moved into our new house I got really set on decorating the indoor spaces as I really wanted the inside of our house to feel like a “home”.

Recently the weather started to get warmer & I started looking at our very neglected porch space, deciding it was time to spruce it up a bit. This is an area I look forward to enjoying when the weather is nice with family and friends! It is not a space though that I wanted to spend a lot of money on at this time. We had a patio set from Tampa that we had bought (surprise, surprise) from Facebook marketplace. It’s still in good condition so we are keeping it for now. We also had a TV stand that my sister no longer had room for that we didn’t need anywhere in our house. With those starter items I decided to grab some other fun decor and items to fill the space and make it a bit cozier! Here are some of the new items/updates:

I updated our used patio furniture with new cushions from Overstock that are pretty affordable for a 3-piece set (link here). The orange color brightens the area and the cushions are really comfortable!

I grabbed a couple of these cute bee throw pillow from Home Depot.

I thought the rug was really affordable for a 5x8 size. After getting it I do wish it was a tad bigger to fill the space more, but there’s always the option to eventually upgrade sizes. The southwestern /geometric style matches our house well and the plastic weaving design is perfect for an outdoor space, it’s waterproof and easy to sweep grass off of! I am loving it so far.

My favorite porch upgrade we did was this fire pit! We knew coming here that we weren’’t going to have the biggest back yard and we also knew we were going to be in a very dry desert. Not wanting to take up space in the yard OR start a fire… we opted for a gas fire pit that we could keep on the porch. We have used it so much already, it’s so easy to turn on and off and you don’t end up smelling like smoke. Plus it doubles as a table with the lid on!

We have had these lights for awhile so I honestly couldn’t tell you where they are from. But you can find these bulb style outdoor lights at pretty much any Walmart/Target/Lowes, etc. My husband hung them with some hot glue on the stucco and command hooks.

I think having year-round lights on the porch is a must!

This is the TV stand I mentioned before, no link because we got it from my sister (I believe it’s IKEA). I honestly was planning on getting rid of it but realized one day after picking up roller skates, footballs, leashes, dog bags, etc. from the yard that this would be a great area to keep outdoor items in to prevent a messy yard. Also an easy spot to keep plants!

Peak our Hawaii & Puerto Rico fun decor our friends brought us home from trips. “Always happy hour“ might just become my life motto!

This porch swing comes a close second to the fire pit as my favorite porch item. I knew when we moved here I wanted some kind of hammock or swing to be able to lounge in and read. I scoured manyyyy different sites and had a hard time finding something that wasn’t a few hundred dollars. I finally found this one that came with the hammock chair and stand and was much more affordable. It made me a little iffy of the quality but I will say I have used it a lot and it feels very sturdy and has held up well to New Mexico winds!

I hope you enjoy our porch update! I know it’s not a Pinterest-perfect, magazine cover porch but it is a perfect little space for our family to enjoy the outdoors without spending alot. I am sure someday we may upgrade the furniture or add decor here and there but I am loving finally having a functional, cozy space to be outside!

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