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Living Room Update: New Couches!


We had this gray sectional when we moved in that unfortunately didn’t fit this home well, not to mention it was several years old and worn down by 3 children and 2 dogs. You can see how it made the space closed off and appear much smaller. While moving around and getting to live in new homes can be exciting, I know other spouses will totally get what a pain it can be to try to keep the same furniture in constantly changing layouts.

After moving in we spent a month going to several furniture stores, sitting on a dozen couches, to still not find anything that we loved, or anything that wasn’t 5,000 dollars (did I mention we have 3 children and 2 dogs??). I was not loving the idea of spending that amount of money on couches that could possible be worn out in another few years.


Y’all do not sleep on Facebook marketplace!


I had been keeping an eye on local yardsale pages & marketplace to see if any amazing couches popped up, assuming that would never happen as we are in such a small town. Then this sofa & loveseat combo popped up from another military couple moving away and they were perfect!

The style with the -worn in leather look- and the studs match our home perfectly. Not to mention they are super comfortable and in great condition. I was weary about purchasing a couch from a yardsale page (it kind’ve feels like buying a used mattress?). But I just made sure to ask about damages, if it was a smoke free home, etc. These checked off all the boxes and were super clean. And the kicker…. They were 100 bucks! I am obsessed with how nice they look in this home and they fit this space SO much better, the living room feels twice as big. I hope you all love them too!

*Linking our rug from amazon along with the best rug stickies that hold the rug down way better then our rug pad.

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