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A Little Background & Why I Started a Blog

Where it started….

Wow! We look like babies. I met my husband in middle school in a small farming town. We were friends & then started dating our Senior year of high school.


About 6 months after graduation we welcomed our oldest daughter Emma. With this life changing, wonderful surprise my husband did what many high-school sweethearts/young parents do…. joined the military! (Kidding… but not really).

While this was a scary decision, and myself not knowing anyone in the military I had NO clue what I was “signing up for” (I know fellow spouses probably love this term as much as I do).

Moving Away

We started our journey for a few months in Missouri, we then landed in North Carolina for 5 years. I’ll post more on this at a later time, but this was the most challenging period in our lives as a couple trying to navigate moving across country together all while being brand new parents and figuring out what the heck that’s all about. Fortunately we survived those challenges. We finished up NC with a couple deployments under our belt, getting my RN degree & welcoming our second baby girl, Violet.

From there we ended up in Florida for 4 years. This portion of our lives included the birth of the last child (we think....), our youngest daughter Quinn. It was also full of a lot of theme parks, friendship, work and sunshine!

Most recently, we PCS’ed to New Mexico.

This is what brings me to starting this blog.


Over the past 10 years with every PCS, deployment, new job and every other transition that comes with military life I found myself struggling.

Not only struggling with normal stuff like finding childcare, or the perfect work schedule, or dealing with military housing, but struggling internally.

I found myself getting lost in the military world and what is expected of spouses. At various points I struggled to find friends and make connections which led to a lot of isolation. I observed many other spouses also struggling with their mental health and losing pieces of themselves to this whirlwind life.

This is why I wanted to start this blog. I want a place where wives can not only come to to get tips and advice on all kinds of crap that comes with the military life but also on how to maintain their own identity and independence through it all. I want to talk about everything from PCS tips and tricks & how to decorate new homes, to how to find your own joy, passion & community.

I hope you find something in what I post that’s helpful, and that makes you feel a little less lonely in what can be a very lonely world. I also hope to connect with other military spouses and create a community for this unique, strong group of humans.

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