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Setting Goals for the Week

This past weekend I made a little goal to go for a walk or hike outside. The weather was so nice and I wanted to make sure I got myself out of the house and into the sun.

It‘s fairly easy to set goals or do fun activities on the weekends because my time is pretty free. I then got to thinking about the ”funks“ I get in during the week. I work as a nurse from home on a computer all day. I’ve been working more recently and my days primarily consist of taking kids to school, working all day, picking kids up, cleaning the house, cooking dinner and spending the evening getting kids ready for bed. Then repeat Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday...

While I do thrive on a good routine, I realize I need to start making a point to sprinkle in a little more fun, self-care, or activity into the weeks. I know especially as military spouses routines are important to us because of the inconsistency and constant changes in our world. But I think sometimes in those routines we can tend to forget about bringing joy into our daily lives and caring for ourselves both mentally & physically. So I am going to make an effort from now on to find things in my life that need a little attention & implement “goals for the week”, here are some of those goals & maybe ideas you can use!:

My first goal for the week: MOVEMENT

We just got a treadmill and I am so excited to start using it! When we lived in Tampa I was running regularly, but I haven’t figured out the best running areas in our new town so I am happy to have a treadmill to get myself back to running/walking. So my goal for this week: run or walk on incline for 20-30 minutes every day. It’s nothing major, but it will get my body moving a little more and shake up my evening routine.

Other goals I plan to set in future weeks:

Get outside daily:

Whether that means jumping on the trampoline with the kids, reading my book outside, or going on a walk, I want to try to get adequate outdoors time daily for a week.

Taking the kids to the park 2-3x/week after school:

Does anyone else’s kids beg to go to the park after school?? I realize I tend to resist this due to either having work to finish or not wanting to throw off my afternoon routine. Making an effort to take kid to the park after school will not only help them burn off a little of that wild child energy but gives me a great excuse to get out of the house.

Try a new dinner recipe twice in a week:

AHHH the dreaded dinner recipe funks. If you have kids you know how easy it is to fall into making the same recipes every week because it might be the only things they eat! One week I would love to find 2 new recipes to make. Doing this every now and then could be a fun way to hopefully help us find a little more variety in our meal rotation.

Bed by 10pm every night:

10 pm is pretty darn early for me (a classic night owl). However I notice when I get a solid 8ish hours of sleep I feel so much better in the morning and through the day. It helps improves my mental health, energy level, attitude, and probably makes me look a little less like a walking mom zombie.

So heres to holding myself accountable for getting out of my typical weeky routine funks and incorporating a little more movement, health, and fun into my Monday through Fridays. I’d love for you to join me in setting weekly goals. They don’t have to be huge, hard to accomplish goals. And you don’t have to set goals weekly, you can do every other week or just when you feel you need a little shake up. Setting goals can help us hone in on areas that might need some attention, & might just bring a little more joy & excitement into our daily lives. Let’s get started!

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