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MyCAA: An awesome resource for spouses

MyCAA is a workforce development program that offers 4,000$ to eligible military spouses who want to start or continue their education and obtain a certificate, licensure or associates degree.

As a very young new military spouse I knew I wanted to go to nursing school. I am so grateful I got to use MyCAA to earn my associates in nursing. It took a lot of financial pressure off of our family and allowed me to start my career! The program basically covered the entire 2-ish years of my nursing program. I believe I may have payed out of pocket for some books but otherwise my tuition and other fees were covered with this program. I did go to a small community college for my nursing program so prices were fortunately pretty low. It may not pay for all of your tuition if you go to a more expensive/school or program but it’s such a great way for spouses to be able to start their own career and gain independence as a military spouse.

So how does it work?

So first off, to be able to utilize this program you have to be an eligible spouse.

Eligible spouses are any spouses of active-duty, National Guard & reserve service members in pay grades E-1 to E-5, W-1 to W-2 and O-1 to O-2 who have completed high school.

What does it cover?

So MyCAA doesn’t cover any/all types of education. For example it doesn’t cover those going for a bachelors or masters degree. MyCAA offers scholarships for “the pursuit or maintenance, including continuing ed courses, of a license, certification or associate degree”. (per Milonesource site). These courses/degrees also have to be part of a participating school. I’m not positive but I do believe many/most schools work pretty well with MyCAA.

MyCAA did have me complete a career plan with a specific career goal, so I had to declare that I was in a specific nursing program with plans to graduate with my associate degree in nursing. They want to ensure you have a career path laid out and they even offer career coaching/guidance if you are a bit unsure!

So how do I get started?? If you are a bit unsure about a career path you can call the career center to talk with a coach through some ideas/options. That number is: 800-342-9647

If you have a plan and know what you want to do you can register at:

After registering if you have a school or program in mind, contact the school and request a MyCAA Education and Training plan. Career coaches can also help direct you through next steps.

*You will need a DS login to access MyCAA. This is the same login you may have created to login to Tricare. If you don’t have a DS login you can create one at

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