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Military “Friendly” Jobs for Military Spouses

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

I want to preface this post with saying no matter what you read, I believe you should follow your passion and find a job you love. With that said, there are realistic things we face as military spouses, and many of us want to have our own career and independence but also understand that some careers may be more conducive to a military lifestyle. Here are some job ideas that can be manageable in military life when you are moving frequently, dealing with deployed spouses, crazy schedules, etc. I hope you find it helpful!


  • I obviously have the most knowledge about this field due to being a nurse. Healthcare jobs are military ”friendly” due to the need in any town or city. Even when moving often & only working in one location for a few years your typically aren’t less marketable in healthcare. There are many healthcare options outside of nursing with similar pros including pharmacy techs, phlebotomists, dental assistants, CNA’s, etc.

*Disclaimer: many of these jobs are in the hospital and are 10-12 hr shifts. This can be tricky if your husband is gone and you need to work around your kids schedule.


  • Another field where there’s always a need and you likely won’t be discredited for not working at one location for 10 years is education. This could be teaching/assistant/substitute. These jobs are great for the schedule, allowing you to work when kids are in school and be off holidays/breaks with them.

*Disclaimer: I’ve never worked in education but have friends that have and I just want to give a shout out to them and point out how challenging this field is. If you don’t love working with children you probably shouldn’t pursue this avenue.

Childcare Provider/FCC

  • You can often find open positions at the child development center on your base or at other daycares in town. There are also FCC (family child care) providers that are licensed through the military that care for children in their home. This is a great way for spouses to be home with their children while also having an income.

*Disclaimer: Like teaching, working in childcare is difficult & you have to enjoy kids. Being an FCC provider can also be challenging due to working in your own home.

Customer Service Rep/Virtual Assistant

  • There are more and more remote jobs coming available on the job market and I have seen many spouses choose to be a customer service representative or a virtual assistant for companies. These positions allow you to work from anywhere which means that your job can usually move with you.

*Disclaimer: it can be mentally exhausting working in customer service and being on phone calls all day. Working from home can also be more isolating and make it harder to meet people when you move around.


  • I have had many friends that made their passions their careers, it may be crafting or art that you create and sell on sites like Etsy. I have seen spouses sell cookies out of a food truck. Blogging, writing, trainer/fitness coach are some other ideas.

*Disclaimer: when you create something or startup your own career you may not always have an income right away. These jobs often take time and a lot of work before you begin making money.


  • Many spouses decide to become realtors as it is something you can typically do anywhere. Especially when you are in military towns there are always people looking to buy & sell homes so there’s always business. It also can be a great way to make connections in your community.

*Disclaimer: when you are a realtor you have to market yourself. You have to be comfortable with meeting new people and putting your name and face out there.

Whether you are just starting a new career, thinking about going back to school, looking for a new field, etc. I hope this list is a little helpful. I know deciding on a career and job searching can be extremely stressful and a long process, make sure to give yourself grace through it all!

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