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Gift Guide for the constantly deployed/TDY’ed military member

Gift guide time! This guide is geared towards the military members in our lives who are frequently being deployed and/or going on TDY's. Through years of sending various gifts and care packages when my husbands away I have found there’s certain things that he ends up using more then others, as well was gifts he has raved about. I also have seen the things he's bought himself for these trips that he uses over and over again and feels are basically a necessity for deployments. So here's a list to compile some of both of these things. A great gift guide for our military spouses who have to be away this holiday season.


- Coffee things: if you have a boujee coffee drinker at home like mine who often refuses to drink "cheap coffee" during trips then these are a must! My husband uses the instant electric kettle to heat up water and then the pour over filter to pour the water over his coffee into his cup! Only takes a couple minutes and is a great way to get a good cup of coffee or even hot cocoa or tea. Especially helpful if they're in a more remote location.


- Comfort things: my husband has been on trips where he ended up sleeping on a tent in a cot for the duration of it. Recently he bought this blow up mattress pad & mini pillow to help with all things comfort When he is away. The pillow also makes for a great travel/plane pillow since it's so compact. If your spouse knows their sleeping options will be uncomfortable on a deployment or TDY these are great accessories to have.


- Entertainment: My husband loves his Nintendo Switch. If your spouse plays games when they're home or if you just know they'll be a little too bored while away the Switch Lite is a great, compact option to offer a little fun & relaxation on a deployment or TDY.


- Headphones: Bluetooth headphones I feel are really a great gift for anyone, but are especially helpful for long plane rides and for when your spouse may be bunked up with other people at night which is often the case on deployments.


- Silicone ring: if you know your spouse is going to be doing lots of hard labor or are prone to losing things when traveling and you don’t want to worry about their pricey wedding ring getting damaged or lost, a silicone ring is an awesome gift Idea.


- And now for my husbands favorite deployment gift.... a picture book! I honestly was a little surprised how much my husband loved this as he's not the most sentimental guy but being sent away from family for a long period of time can be hard for anyone. I made a book on Shutterfly with family pictures & the many memories of us with our kids and sent it halfway through my husbands deployment and he LOVED IT. It's something they can continue to take on deployments in the future and help them still feel connected to loved ones back home.

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